Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy eh Valentines Day?

So why do we have to listen to Hallmark when they tell us to make today the day we profess our love for each other? Why today? Why not June 3 or September 7? Why Feb 14th? Why are we encouraged to just say it one day, why not the rest of the year.

I have always hated Valentines day, even when I was younger, I would get excited to see what mom and dad had gotten me for Valentines day, but it wasnt the one day out of the year they told me they loved me... they told me a lot.

In my college years I delivered flowers on V-day to random strangers, and the looks on their faces made me smile....... a tiny bit. They were so happy, as they were anxious to look at the card, I stood there in the door and would think to myself " duh its from your special someone, the person who has chosen today to profess their love to you". Why else would you be getting flowers on Valentines day?

And now that I am single and in my 30's I still hate valentines day. In fact I practically refuse to go down the direction in Wal-Mart where all the decorations are, ick! Even when I was in a relationship, I made it a point to tell them that I dont like Valentines day and that we should not just use that day to celebrate each other, but the rest of the year.

So this year, I am working and then playing volleyball, yes I will come home to watch the Bachelor where the girls on there will profess their love, but I will jsut laugh as it never works out.

I had a great wknd in the mountains with some dear friends, and we had a nice Steak dinner with some drinks to celebrate. ( I found 120$ so that was a good treat for us all).

Happy Valentines day to you all! Even if you love today, I still love ya.