Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a Ramble #2

I was thinking about the condition of our nation today and how everyone seems to have a different opinion about what that condition is and whether it's improving or just getting worse. It occurred to me that irregardless of where we are and where we're going as a nation, our leaders are tasked with enormous responsibility to try and figure it all out. It's my belief, and you can disagree, that God knows the plans He has for us and that He's the only One that can truly give them the wisdom they need in making the decisions they face...everyday. This isn't a blog update to promote one party over the other; I don't care how you fill out your ballot. The truth is that there are people of every religion, and none at all, on both sides of the party line who support their cause just as passionately as the other. This is a ramble to ask you to pray for our nation and our leaders.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My NC trip

I just got back from spending time in NC with Betzi and her family. Betzi and I became friends while we both worked in the PICU at Memorial Hospital. She and her family moved to NC about a year and a half ago, so her husband could have an amazing opportunity to work for MWR ( Michael Walrtip Racing ) he is the Nascar driver that is behind the 55 car. I had the chance to go to the race shop and walk on the floor where they are actually building the cars... I walked in the haulers which are the semi's that haul the race cars ( never knew how big they were!!) It was a neat experience. I even ended up with a piece of the race car.
While I was there, it was Austins first day of pre-school. He was excited and came back with stories about living on Earth. :) it was cute. Little Cody is running all over the place with his wild and crazy hair. We went to a water park, shopping, had a girls night out, a motorcycle ride to the lake and lots of fun playing with toys. I showed them how to do a geo-cache and we went searching for a treasure and found one.... the kids were so excited, as was Betzi ( I think she is addicted now :) hehe ) Oh how I miss this family, thanks for the great time and new created memories !!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I hid in the bathroom :)

So, as I had talked about in a previous post... when it came time for the tossing of the bouquet, I was going to hide in the bathroom. That is exactly what I did. From the bathroom I could see all the anxious girls just hoping that it will land in their hands. I remember being like that a few times. Not so much anymore!!! I could see the girls jumping on top of one another trying to get higher, or them pushing their way to the front. The countdown began and she surprised everyone on 2~! It slipped thru 2 of the bridesmaids hands and landed into a younger girl about 11, she was shocked and did not really know what to do but laugh. The other girls who were wanting it badly were disappointed, but shared in the laugh. The wedding was beautiful, the grooms eyes were filled with tears, and a permanent smile on the brides face! The reception was delayed because of the rain. When it finally stopped we were able to walk on the baseball field and watch as Jenn threw out the first pitch. Much to our surprise, she threw a strike, and the crowd went wild :) Enjoy some pictures ......