Saturday, February 27, 2010


So living in a town where one of the three Olympic Training Centers ( OTC pictured) is in the US, during the Olympics is kinda fun!

Fun facts:

-The OTC is about 3 minutes from my house! So I am fortunate to drive by it every so often and see the torch burning.
-When I worked at the Children's hospital I was honored to be able to meet a few of the athletes and even have dinner with them the OTC was right next door.
-I have a couple t-shirts from the OTC store and even sent my sister in law, niece and nephew some to wear for the festivities.
-A good friend had an "open ceremony" party where we had all different kinds of food from around the world.
-I am sad as this might be Apollo's last Olympics, but have learned that his father and him are the only ones in his family. He mom split when Apollo was months old. The bond between the father and the son is amazing.
-I give Joannhie ( the Canada figure skater) who's mom died of a massive heart attack 2 days before she was to skate for gold. She got bronze, and performed a very heartfelt performance.
-I am not gonna miss all the talk about Lindsay Vonn...... her co skier is just as good, if not better, give Julia Mancuso a fair shot!
-I have been able to sit and watch most of the Olympics on TV at night, and getting to text my sis in law back in Ne at the same time, has been fun! ( thank you call Gods for being nice to me)
- Tomorrow is the closing ceremony and I am sad that it is over already!
-We are possibly going to beat the record for most medals at an olympic game ever... right now we have 34 and are the favorites to medal in at least three more events!!!!

Enjoy a few pictures : of the snacks and of the
The burning torch

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor= Monday night dates here is Jake, the bachelor! I admit I have just a little crush on him :) He is super cute, has his thoughts together and his life is on track, why wouldn't you fall for a guy like him?

I have watched the bachelor or the bachelorette since it previewed like 8 years ago! I am hooked! Every Monday night I prop myself in front of the TV at 7 PM to watch Jake on his quest for love! There is always DRAMA of course there will be!!!! But it makes for a great show! My friends who are also hooked and I text each other throughout the show, the texts look something like ..... " oh my goodness, did you see what she is wearing?" "wow, Jake looks hot in that" "AWWW how romantic" etc...... it is so fun, and I look fowards to the following Monday night as soon as this one is over.

So let me catch the non bachelor peeps up on what is happening. Jake started out with 25 women from all over all on a quest for his heart. He is now down to 2. and 2 different women they are.

Meet Tenley ( my and most of America's favorite). She is so very sweet and has really begun to open up to Jake, in telling him that she is ready for marriage, and wants that life long partner to go through the good and the bad times with.

Then you have Vienna ( boooo) who is the girl who is full of plastic as well as lies. For some reason Jake has really gotten into her- despite the other girls telling him who she really is behind the camera.

So in two weeks we will see who Jake picks.... I hope for Tenley ( actually secretly I wish he'd fly to Colorado Springs and pick me :) who do you think he should chose?

Friday, February 12, 2010


So somebody please tell me this..... Why does there have to be a day set aside for you to tell someone that you love them? There should not be a day like this at all! It is just pure laziness on your part if you don't tell them you love them all the time. God continually shows us his love.... and we should be the same way. Loving someone the same on June 3 or November 12 should be the same love you have them on Feb 14th.......

SO anyways...... Hope you all have a great Valentines day.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

snow = sledding and tubbing

We have gotten some snow here and I know my family and friends back in NE are tired of ALL the snow they are getting.

I was looking at some old snow pictures and found these from the farm :) oh the memories!

This is my brother pushing my niece.

My niece and I holding trying to say STOP, as she was falling off!

Here is my cousin and I holding on, as were getting pulled by the 4 wheeler! I am so blessed to have these memories!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

engagements, new jobs, babies...... wow! what a week for my friends

I have to take a moment and look at how blessed my dear friends have been this past weekend....
-Amber got engaged
-Tanner got a new job with great benefits for his family
-My dear friend Ali found out the sex of her baby ( which she won't share quite much as I have tried- darn it!)
-Stef got a job that will allow her to stay in CO!
-One of my awesome cancer buddies got word that she is in remission!

and even for me, I got to hear about how the gift of organ donation has inspired this young man
( who received a liver )and his family to live their life for Christ and become missionaries through music ( for now still here in CO yeah!!!).

I am so blessed to have these friends and their families in my life.