Monday, July 6, 2009



My little sister's pup had 4 little puppies. They are miniature Alaskian Eskimo's. 3 girls and 1 boy. They sure are fun! She brought them out here for a little vacation. Actually one of my friends is interested in buying one, so she brought all four of them out. I bought them some chew toys, and all they want to play with are my lawn mowing shoes or the broom in the garage. Go figure, just like little kids... their favorite toys are the ones they really should not be playing with , oh well!!!

I miss them already and keep looking out the window :(

Please meet: (our names we have given them for now)
Maddie ( this is what her new owner wants to call her, so we are just helping her get used to her name )
Lillie ( she likes to eat lillies )

Lucy ( cuz I have always wanted to name a dog that )
Max ( or aka chunk, as he is the only boy and is a chunk a munk )

Anyone want a precious puppy?

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