Friday, May 7, 2010

Amazing Ryan

Below is a conversation I had with my amazing 10 year old buddy Ryan. He was diagnoised with a rare form of Cancer in 2007 and has fought hard this whole time, getting into remission 2x, but this last time..... it was throughout his body. His brain, his lungs, his spine and random other places. He was a brave soul, and I went up Tue night say goodbye to him, and this was our conversation! Trust me when I say that this was a conversation that is not typical for a 10 year old boy, but for Ry his faith was evident the whole time I knew him.

"I feel like," Ry said, "if this is a war, than we've already lost the war. But that's okay, cuz we've already won it two times. I'm not afraid anymore."

"Ok, Ry, but what's that mean?" I asked.

"Cancer. We've lost the war against cancer."

"Right. But what does that mean for you, Buddy?"


"That's right, Buddy. And it's just like stepping through the door to go outside. You'll just step through the door when it is your time, and you'll be in Jesus' arms."

[My voice broke before I could complete that thought.]

and then we began to play the Wii, it took all his energy to drive the race car..... but he won :)

This morning, Ry made that step through the door..... He is now in Heaven. We are all sad here, but Heaven is rejoicing!
Rest in peace Buddy!

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  1. Can't wait to meet this handsome man in heaven.

    You are anointed my dear friend--God uses you in SO many ways. :)