Friday, August 21, 2009

My NC trip

I just got back from spending time in NC with Betzi and her family. Betzi and I became friends while we both worked in the PICU at Memorial Hospital. She and her family moved to NC about a year and a half ago, so her husband could have an amazing opportunity to work for MWR ( Michael Walrtip Racing ) he is the Nascar driver that is behind the 55 car. I had the chance to go to the race shop and walk on the floor where they are actually building the cars... I walked in the haulers which are the semi's that haul the race cars ( never knew how big they were!!) It was a neat experience. I even ended up with a piece of the race car.
While I was there, it was Austins first day of pre-school. He was excited and came back with stories about living on Earth. :) it was cute. Little Cody is running all over the place with his wild and crazy hair. We went to a water park, shopping, had a girls night out, a motorcycle ride to the lake and lots of fun playing with toys. I showed them how to do a geo-cache and we went searching for a treasure and found one.... the kids were so excited, as was Betzi ( I think she is addicted now :) hehe ) Oh how I miss this family, thanks for the great time and new created memories !!


  1. Had a blast with you too. Miss ya already!!! We'll have to plan a trip out there. Love the new blog site! :) Great pics.

  2. it really looks like you had a lot of fun! I am glad you were able to get away. I also love your new layout, good choice!