Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I hid in the bathroom :)

So, as I had talked about in a previous post... when it came time for the tossing of the bouquet, I was going to hide in the bathroom. That is exactly what I did. From the bathroom I could see all the anxious girls just hoping that it will land in their hands. I remember being like that a few times. Not so much anymore!!! I could see the girls jumping on top of one another trying to get higher, or them pushing their way to the front. The countdown began and she surprised everyone on 2~! It slipped thru 2 of the bridesmaids hands and landed into a younger girl about 11, she was shocked and did not really know what to do but laugh. The other girls who were wanting it badly were disappointed, but shared in the laugh. The wedding was beautiful, the grooms eyes were filled with tears, and a permanent smile on the brides face! The reception was delayed because of the rain. When it finally stopped we were able to walk on the baseball field and watch as Jenn threw out the first pitch. Much to our surprise, she threw a strike, and the crowd went wild :) Enjoy some pictures ......

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