Monday, November 2, 2009

Final DR update

The final days of our trip were filled with fun as well. We played volleyball, soaked in the sun, looked for a wedding ring in the pool ( one of our friends we met there were on their honeymoon and he lost his ring playing vball ) it was found :) phew!!!!!!!! and just continued to enjoy the company our of new friends. The highlight of the last few days was our trip to Ocean World. This is kind of like a Sea World here. They have shows with the dolphins, sea lions. Then you have the chance to scuba, snorkel, swim with the animals. I decided to take scuba lessons and then I would get one on one time under the water with a dolphin for 45 minutes. Once I was all geard up ( about 70- 80 lbs extra with the weights and tank) I got to go under the water for the first time..... Well, needless to say at about 4 feet, I began to freak out and thought I could not breath, when I was in all honesty doing just fine.... but was just breathing really fast.... I popped up to the top of the water and my instructor was saying I just needed to take deep breaths and that I would be fine. So I tried it again, and again.... after the 4th time, I decided that this was not for me. I could not do it. I was sooo mad at myself, but I just could not do it. My little dolphin buddy was like...... are you not coming to play...

So, Ash had already decided her thing she was going to do was to swim with the sharks and sting rays. They removed the stinger from the sting rays, but kept the teeth on the shark.... hummmm!!! So I decided to join her. Our shark was named Snoopy! She was about 80lbs and was 3 years old. You actually sit on a step in the water and they place the shark on your lap ( the teeth were at my thigh ugggg!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then you get to feed it, and then snorkel with it. Ash asked if she could hold the shark and the guy let her, no one was able to capture that on camera, but I was there, and saw her holding it. My camera unfort ran out of battery byt this little nice lady from the UK took pictures for us and emailed them to us. But we still bought the actual pictures too.

We had to say goodbye to our friends from DC, NY and NJ, all who we miss dearly already. But we will forever have the memories...... all of them.

The last day or so Ash and I began to get sick from either the food or the water ( which we did not personally pr purposfully drink, but they wash everything in that water, including the fruits and veggies ) we took the sickness back to the US, and finally after about a week and some meds for me, We are better and are constantally talking about our wonderful trip :) So glad I was able to share these memories with my little sister!!!

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