Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So...where will you be on New Years Day???

I had to "borrow" that title from a dear friend...

Anyways, I will be in Pasadena, California... at the ROSE BOWL!!! That's right...
I entered a contest at work in which I had to come up with something artistic explaining what donation met to me. I used the story of a dear little boy, Matty who had liver cancer and even though got in remission, he needed a new liver. Matty knew that in order to get a new liver a little kiddo like him had to die. He was scared and did not want that to happen for someone, so he began to say things like.... "If I get to be 5, I want to take a spiderman backpack to school, If I get to be 5, I want a Sponge Bob birthday cake....... he NEVER said when, but rather if... Matty did get his liver and it gave him two extra years at life, unfort his cancer cam back and he had his arm amputated, and then it came back a third and final time in his brain, and he passed away.
Well, his story inspired me and I tell families about Matty all the time. His mother was kind enough ( and I thank her dearly) to send me pictures, I was able to create a story board telling his story. My project went up against 4 others and I unamously won.

SO......... my dear friend Lecia and I will head to Cali on the 29th of Dec, take in all the festivities of the float ( this means perfectally arranging the roses just right ), getting to be a part of the parade, and then the football game!!! Donor Alliance ( my comapany ) is paying for the whole trip!!! This is a huge honor for me and I am super excited. I will update with more details as I get them. For now, Enjoy my favorite shot of Matty, for with out him and his courage and his battle he fought, I would not have this awesome opportunity. Thanks Matty!!! I love and Miss ya!
Dont Stop Believing! Is it me or has this gotten very popular over the past 3 years??!!

Matty was so proud of himself for painting a face on the pumpkin. He surprised the child life specialist!

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  1. I couldn't be happier for you, friend! :)