Monday, January 11, 2010

DAY 2 and 3

DAY 2 AND 3 were just as fun -jam packed filled as the first day.

The end of day 1 we had a Gala. Where we got to meet a lot of the families, have some great food, and learn how the whole idea of New Life Rises came to be. All 4 One a boys singing group who was popular when I was in college was there to perform as well. They are very connected to Organ Donation and even wrote a song about donation. It is beautiful. All of the proceeds of the song will go back to Donate Life. I did get my pic with one of the lead singers, but it is on my boss's camera, so am waiting for her to get it to me.

The following morning we awoke early to begin the decorating. I quickly learned to appreciate the beauty of roses.

I would never have imagined that every single rose on the float has its own individual water tube!

And that the person that is driving the float is underneath it all and cannot see, he relies on the riders to tell him when to slow down, stop, turn etc...... While decorating we were able to again connect with some of the families. I had the honor of meeting a younger couple who had tried for quite some time to have a child and they did... a beautiful boy named Isaiah, he at 6mo aspirated on his formula and they chose to donate his organs. He was being honored with a floral pictograph. We had 76 pictographs that featured the ones who donated their organs/tissue or eyes. All of these pictures were created from seeds. Yes I said seeds! Being in the area of donation I am in, getting to meet and talk to these families was a real honor and it became emotional.

We were fortunate to be present when the judges came by to "judge" the float. That was an experience in itself! All the riders were in place, waving to the crowds, the music playing in the background etc... it was once again filled with emotions. We won 2 different awards 1) the best theme ( the Theme of the parade was A Cut Above the Rest, and our New Life Rises fit into it perfectly). and 2) the viewers choice award, where on tv as the floats went by you could vote for your favorite one and we won that too. SO exciting!

Enjoy the pictures~!

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