Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 4 and 5

So after all the decorating was done, we went and enjoyed a nice dinner with my boss and some others that were from Iowa. I have to say it was a seafood rest and I was not exactly sure, and ordered a steak. But I did taste Octopous, Swordfish and then crab cake........the first two were not bad, however the crab cake sent me over the edge! It was totally yucky!

Since it was New Years Eve Lec and I decided to walk Colorado Blvd ( this is the parade route ) and to our amazement people were literally camping out! I mean air mattresses, grills, fire pits etc... It was insaine. A few of the campers had their baby's there too! People had silly string and marshmellows and were throwing/shooting it at cars as they went by. Ok OK, Yes Lec and I threw a marshmellow!! hehehe

We met this couple who are now from AZ but grew up camping out. So they brought their daughters up this year and were camping. When I say there were people everywhere I literally mean it! I took a pic of one lady who had a shopping cart wrapped in foil and she was cooking hot dogs from it and selling them~!

We walked up and down the streets just chuckeling and laughing. We found out the cover charge to get into a bar was about 50$ how in the world can you afford to party there? We did find a bar that did not have a cover but for 2 drinks it was 18$ I could not believe it~~! We found ourselves back to the hotel somewhat early, as we were beat. We found Nikko one of the bullgdogs that was riding on the Snow boarding float, and shared a "drink with w/ him" before going to bed!

We had to get up early for the parade! This is where my camera died, so stay tuned for actual pic of the parade, Lec is getting them to me. Just know that seeing all the floats that everyone had worked sooo hard on was just bitter sweet! After the parade we went back to the hotel and got changed for the football game. Lec has the pic of that too.
I was actually not very impressed with the stadium at all, it was kinda dumpy and not very nice. They only had one TV screen. I guess I was just trying to compare it to the NE stadium. NE stadium looked bigger to me tho, but I guess the Rose Bowl is. The Game was an experience as well, I jsut wish it would have been NE playing and it would have been more exciting. We were rooting for Oregon as NE former quarterback Scott Frost is one of the coaches for them. They ended up loosing, but non the less it was a fun time. We left at the start of the 4th quarter as we had enough of the game and were hungry and tired. We knew we had a big day the next day.... DISNEY so staytuned for that in the next update!
Enjoy the pic!

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