Friday, April 23, 2010

sunny, windy, rainy, hailing a tornado and now snow! its April23!

So what is up with the weather out here, goodness. Yesterday was a great, it was sunny in the 70's and I was in capris and a t-shirt. Then out of no where the sky turned dark, the wind began to blow and we were in a tornado watch.... it was kinda funny to watch my co workers freak out and run for the stairwell while I stood at the window and was anxiously watching.... hehehe, oh the things you learn from growing up in Nebraska.
So after the tornado warnings were over the sky remained black and then it began to rain really hard and then hail! I was actually in the Wal-Mart gathering some things I needed for a class and it sounded like we were getting attacked! The hail on the metal roof was insainly loud!!!!!!! Then it just continued to rain the rest of the night. Today when I woke up- SNOW~! Its been snowing most of the morning and it is still snowing around lunch time. I would say we have about 4-5 inches. And here is the kicker!!!!!! ITS APRIL 23! but that is Colorado weather for you, and NE weather as well......
oh well!!!!!!!! good day to stay under the covers :)

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