Friday, September 3, 2010

Fair...the tough lesson

My 11 year old niece has been doing 4-H for quite a while, but not until last year did she begin to show animals. She at first did sheep and pig. Last year she received a purple ribbon on her pig Steve. Well, when it came down to saying "goodbye". She began to have a breakdown, so my lovely brother told her that the pig was going to live on a pig farm in Colorado with me. HUMMM.......luckily for me she has been so busy with other things she has never asked! Thank God, however.... that was Thanksgiving dinner... she still does not know.

So this year so showed her sheep, pig and added a steer. She did great with the sheep and the steer, and the pig too ( even tho that is not her favorite, she has a pig named mabyleine as she looks like she has eyeliner on hehe), she got ribbons of all colors with these animals. And is actually taking her sheep (champ) to state fair. But since this was her first year with the steer, my brother encouraged her to spend more time with the steer whom she names Bubbs, and get to know him. She was supposed to massage him, talk to him, brush him etc... as well as all the normal things you do to get your steer ready for show.

The day finally arrived where she was able to show off her hard work with all the animals, but she was especially excited about Bubbs. He eventually got her a purple ribbon! ( that is the best you can get), she was overly excited!
However, the truck game later that day to load all the cattle including hers to be taken to the "PLACE" I wont even say the word, as it breaks my heart to type it. And poor Jasmine lost it. She was laying on Bubbs, rubbing his face and crying as hard as I have ever seen her cry. She was honestly told this time around where he was going. I was trying to hold back the tears too, and tried to tell her that he is going to help some kids who need to eat, so they wont starve... and let me tell you that was the wrong thing to say! The crying got more intense as she told me, "I dont care!!" over and over again. Eventually she was pulled off Bubbs and we walked away. NOT looking back.

Lessons like this are tough to learn, and it was breaking my heart all over again for her. I think she is fine now, but we will see if she wants to show a steer next year or not!

**** I am having a hard time getting pictures to attach to the entrys, so I will work on a pic of Jasmine and Bubbs

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