Friday, February 12, 2010


So somebody please tell me this..... Why does there have to be a day set aside for you to tell someone that you love them? There should not be a day like this at all! It is just pure laziness on your part if you don't tell them you love them all the time. God continually shows us his love.... and we should be the same way. Loving someone the same on June 3 or November 12 should be the same love you have them on Feb 14th.......

SO anyways...... Hope you all have a great Valentines day.....

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  1. I can see what you are thinking here BUT...

    we have a day to tell mom's how great they are, dads how great they are, days to remember our birth and celebrate our life, remember Christ's death/resurrection, etc.

    Which I feel are things that we should do on a daily basis as well.

    Children should always treat their parents nicely, we should always remember that people are of worth and their lives are also worth celebrating, and Christ is worthy of honoring daily for his sacrifice.

    I also think that a day set aside to do something special for your loved ones (husbands, friends, children) is also a good reminder of how we should be daily.

    Sorry I don't agree with you on this one and I hope my words don't come across harsh (because I don't mean them to be).

    Love ya friend!