Saturday, February 27, 2010


So living in a town where one of the three Olympic Training Centers ( OTC pictured) is in the US, during the Olympics is kinda fun!

Fun facts:

-The OTC is about 3 minutes from my house! So I am fortunate to drive by it every so often and see the torch burning.
-When I worked at the Children's hospital I was honored to be able to meet a few of the athletes and even have dinner with them the OTC was right next door.
-I have a couple t-shirts from the OTC store and even sent my sister in law, niece and nephew some to wear for the festivities.
-A good friend had an "open ceremony" party where we had all different kinds of food from around the world.
-I am sad as this might be Apollo's last Olympics, but have learned that his father and him are the only ones in his family. He mom split when Apollo was months old. The bond between the father and the son is amazing.
-I give Joannhie ( the Canada figure skater) who's mom died of a massive heart attack 2 days before she was to skate for gold. She got bronze, and performed a very heartfelt performance.
-I am not gonna miss all the talk about Lindsay Vonn...... her co skier is just as good, if not better, give Julia Mancuso a fair shot!
-I have been able to sit and watch most of the Olympics on TV at night, and getting to text my sis in law back in Ne at the same time, has been fun! ( thank you call Gods for being nice to me)
- Tomorrow is the closing ceremony and I am sad that it is over already!
-We are possibly going to beat the record for most medals at an olympic game ever... right now we have 34 and are the favorites to medal in at least three more events!!!!

Enjoy a few pictures : of the snacks and of the
The burning torch

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