Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor= Monday night dates

http://www.shoppingblog.com/pics/jake_pavelka_the_bachelor_2010.jpgSo here is Jake, the bachelor! I admit I have just a little crush on him :) He is super cute, has his thoughts together and his life is on track, why wouldn't you fall for a guy like him?

I have watched the bachelor or the bachelorette since it previewed like 8 years ago! I am hooked! Every Monday night I prop myself in front of the TV at 7 PM to watch Jake on his quest for love! There is always DRAMA of course there will be!!!! But it makes for a great show! My friends who are also hooked and I text each other throughout the show, the texts look something like ..... " oh my goodness, did you see what she is wearing?" "wow, Jake looks hot in that" "AWWW how romantic" etc...... it is so fun, and I look fowards to the following Monday night as soon as this one is over.

So let me catch the non bachelor peeps up on what is happening. Jake started out with 25 women from all over all on a quest for his heart. He is now down to 2. and 2 different women they are.

Meet Tenley ( my and most of America's favorite). She is so very sweet and has really begun to open up to Jake, in telling him that she is ready for marriage, and wants that life long partner to go through the good and the bad times with.


Then you have Vienna ( boooo) who is the girl who is full of plastic as well as lies. For some reason Jake has really gotten into her- despite the other girls telling him who she really is behind the camera.


So in two weeks we will see who Jake picks.... I hope for Tenley ( actually secretly I wish he'd fly to Colorado Springs and pick me :) who do you think he should chose?

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  1. well definitely you!

    But if he can't get on a standby flight to CS in time then I guess Tenly will do. :)